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    I have received the following response from Ilinx regarding the ability of Xiino to handle JavaScript to view e-mail through Microsoft's Outlook Web Access (OWA):

    Our developers have tested the OWA and have found that the javascripts on OWA are not supported and so that you can't configure OWA or Exchange Server on Xiino.

    We have been trying to come up with the way but it seems that with the current version, it's not possible.

    Best Regards,
    Eiji Omi <>
    ILINX, Inc.
    Manager Marketing Group

    Therefore, the only program that I have been able to use to access an Exchange Server through Outlook on a Treo is OWA for PDA . To date, I am very happy with OWA for PDA (although it does not seem capable of handling attachments on a Treo).

    If anyone has another solution, please disclose!!
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    This subject have been discussed in this thread .
    It's interesting to see how Ilinx people changed their position regarding the use of Xiino with OWA.

    OWA for PDA looks good, but It have to be installed onto the exchange server by the network admin. In my company it's impossible to request this for an individual user like me.
    That's why if your company have already an OWA server set up, the best solution if I don't want to ask anything to my network admin, is to have a browser which can support frames and Java properly for OWA.

    Ilinx developpers, Blazer developpers, others :
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