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    I have done a lot of reading here and it sounds like I have one of the early Treo 300's where the "ringer" is not very loud. This is not the ringo problem. I noticed from the beginning that it was hard for me to hear it ring. This is really quite a problem for me and I need it to be louder.

    It seems like the later ones are quite a bit louder. Does anyone have advice on how to swap mine for one of later ones that rings louder? If anyone from Handspring lurks here, would this be considered a defect? To me it is.

    Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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    get ringo and get new ringers. The standard ones are very hard to hear
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    it seems the newer treos are definitely louder. also try the ringtones at creation zone. they seem louder than others (the trial versions are not at full volume though)

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