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    I just finished playing with a pre-release beta version of VeriChat, the latest creation from PDAapps, and to say the least I am very impressed.

    VeriChat is a unified messaging client that runs on the Treo, and is specially optimized for the Treo. The version I have speaks MSN and Yahoo protocols and I believe they (PDAapps) are working on AOL and ICQ support.

    The most amazing thing about this app. is that unlike all other IM products out there like PalmMSN, VeriChat works with you always-on connection to give you a always-on presence on the Chat networks. That is, even when you are not in the instant messaging app., your buddies will still see you as online and can send you messages, and you can receive them, and chat with them. I just finished a marathon session where I was chatting with 5 people (3 MSN, 2 Y!) simultaneously and I received 3 phone calls during this session, and launched DateBook+ twice, without appearing offline even once to my buddies.

    VeriChat is highly responsive and modulo thumboard typing, your buddies will not be able to say where you are. The app. also seems to be nicely integrated with MSN and Y! and has all the bells and whistles that you would expect out of a desktop quality app. All the icons and graphics peculiar to MSN and Y! are there. Another good feature is the ability to have your desktop and Treo work hand in hand-- your Treo logs in on the MSN network as soon as your status goes to "Away" from your desktop.

    There are a few minor rough edges, as is to be expected with any beta, and I guess these will be fixed at launch time.

    I only tested this on my 300, but I believe this thing will work on any GSM/GPRS Treo.

    I'll try to get a screen shot out tonight.

    I believe this app. is ready to be launched publicly real soon now, so hang on my friends and you will be satisfied.

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    This sounds great, MSN and Yahoo chatting at the same time. Can, wait to get home to tryit out if it is available for D/L. I have a username that I posted yesterday in another thread, grab it and add mw yo your buddy list. I can't post the link on my treo.
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    I want.. I want! Any chance I can help beta test this? I'm a big MSN user and this is exactly the application I've been dreaming of for years. Finally I'll be able to be always Instant Messagable wherever I go.

    I can't stress enough how perfect this app is for me. You've got me drooling, my friend.
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    maybe i will keep phone aftrer all...any clue as to release date...since i cant IM on aol or yahoo...about ready to ditch the 300 and get plain old palm i705--which has robust AIM...
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    how was the 'always present' thing on battery life?
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    Sounds great; the devil will be in the details (as with the SMS app).
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    I installed the MSN for palm. It works great and the only problems I see qre:
    1. no communicatios with other chat programs.
    2. connection, as soon as the treo light go off, the screen will display not connected which requires a soft reset to start another connection.
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    This sounds GREAT. Except now I have to hit the website every hour to see if it is released.

    Any idea on when we should expect to see it?
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    I want a copy of the beta so bad I can taste it... I would EVEN be happy to DOCUMENT my testing... GIMME GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!

    Lee Ladisky
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    It doesn't look like there is ANY demand for this product. With weak comments like "gimme gimme gimme", it doesn't look like PDAapps should have wasted their time

    I guess, all I can say is, WHY IN THE HELL HASN'T ANYBODY ELSE DONE THIS ALREADY! If Handspring doesn't buy PDAapps now (like they bought Bluelark in order to get the Blazer software a few years ago now), I will be disappointed. There isn't an app that they have come out with that Handspring shouldn't have bundled in the box. Donna, Jeff, Ed, if you guys are listening... you have my official endorsement. (I know that is what they have been waiting on...)
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    Maybe PDAapps will give a price break to all those of you out their who bought KBtracker, only to have Sprint change us to an unlimited data plan three days later... Oh, well, worth a try...
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    Okay - don't make me whine... send it to me!!!! Hook a brother up!!!

    Lee Ladisky
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    This is exactly what I have been dreaming of (ambrosia is right)!!! Please let us know how we can get it! I had a BlackBerry with GoAmerica's Yahoo! chat client and it is what I miss the most. I NEED this now!

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    I WANT THIS!!!!!!

    I have been looking for something like Trillian for the Palm OS. I have friends on all the IM clients, and I made the move to a unified client last year. I cant evenfind 1 for the treo that gets it right.... Let ME beta test PLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSEEE!?!?!?!?
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    Still going to post some screenshots, spidey?
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    cant wait.........
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    Is there an app an app with this capability for the pc?
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    Originally posted by oldnew
    Is there an app an app with this capability for the pc?
    GAIM is an excellent instant messaging client that supports multiple connections to multiple different accounts using various different protocols.

    I use GAIM under linux to connect to AIM, MSN, IRC, ICQ, Yahoo, Jabber, etc. I havn't tried the Windows port of GAIM yet but as I understand it works quite well.

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    Originally posted by oldnew
    Is there an app an app with this capability for the pc?
    Yes, it's called Trillian. I have used it since it's beta stages two years ago when Leo on Call for Help first showed it on Tech TV. Does AIM, Y!IM, ICQ, MSN, and even IRC!

    Now if they made a Palm version...
    ...This ain't a phone or a PDA, It's a way of life!
    for all your multimedia needs, it's gotta be Starrwulfe Ltd!
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    Oh man. This is what I've been waiting for.

    Ambrosia. Yes!

    I'm currently evaluating Treo 300's to use in our Neurology department at Mass General Hospital. Testing 4 of them with the chief residents at the moment.

    Our neurologists NEED a reliable and robust mobile IM client...and one that supports group chats. I gave up trying to get the damn memory-leaking AIM client to work (they should call it "Treo-killer").

    If I can get Ambrosia tested and will be a big step forward for me to possibly deploy about 50 Treo 300's in the next few months.

    WOOP! Please keep us posted!
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