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    I know of two websites that let you "upload" images and other files for free to your "Vision Phone". These weren't designed for the Treo, but for the other Sprint phones:

    If I try sending a file to my treo, I get an SMS with a link to the file. Then I can "select" this link which brings it up in blazer - but it doesn't bring up the actual file - it brings up information about it. (Apparently it's a GCD file or something)

    It would be cool to get this functionality working on the treo - then we could at least be able to receive images from people who have the sprint vision phones with the camera.

    Is there any software for this, or anything we can do to make this work better?
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    On the T1mmy's link, if you remove the GCD extension, you can browse the picture you've uploaded. But I haven't found a way to save the picture from Blazer.

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