I have recently bought a Treo 300 and had previously set it up to use Eudora e-mail to access a POP3 account.

All was going well until a change was made on the server. After that time, I have been able to receive e-mails, but I only see the headers - no body text. I am able to send e-mails without any trouble.

I have checked the receive mail settings, and I am asking for the first 100 lines of the message (no change from when it previously worked).

I am not sure of the specific changes that were made on the server, but I had to make a change to my MS Outlook client in order to receive mail. I had to change a setting on the Servers tab of the Properties dialog box for my e-mail account. The change was to check the box labelled "My server requires authentication"

Does anyone have any idea what settings change I need to make in Eudora in order to receive the bodies of messages?

I am sorry I don't have more information. If there are specific questions that might help in determining the problem, I would gladly research the answers.

Thank you in advance.