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    All of a sudden I look at my phone and there's no signal. No biggie. Happens all the time. I turn off Wireless Mode. I turn on Wireless Mode. The top of the screen goes to Network Search...

    And that's it. Normally after a moment I'd get a cartwheeling handspring guy doing his thing across the screen and then usually within 10 seconds I'd have a Cingular signal. Not today.

    I soft rebooted. I hard rebooted. I just finished a complete hard boot and resynch. Still nothing. I removed the SIM and rubbed it lovingly thinking that maybe it was making poor contact.

    In the past I've occassionally gotten Unable to Read SIM type messages (somesuch). I usually reseat the SIM and all is well. This SIM is really old. Probably pushing 3 years. Do these things wear out?

    I tried calling Handspring and they now want $20 to tell me my phone is broken? What's up with that? Anyone have a cheaper solution? Thanks!
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    This happened to me also, and it is an easy fix. You need to install the "radio reset" files. Handspring customer support emailed the files to me several weeks ago. I've since read that Handspring has posted the filed on their website.

    Just load the files and follow the instructions. But be sure to disable all hacks and treo tools before running them.
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    I finally broke down and coughed up my credit card number for phone support. It was literally the worst tech support call I've ever done (as the giver or receiver). They clearly routed me to some call center in India. I spoke to a guy in broken English about the problem over a VoiP connection that was so staticy I could barely understand ever 3rd word he said.

    He pointed me to the Radio Reset File and charged me $20 for the call. Told me if the file didn't help to call back and they would repair the unit and refund the $20.

    I go to get the file and read up on it. Don't Use if you have done the GPRS ROM Update. Of course I have. So that file just crashes the Treo when I tried it. No help.

    I tried reinstalling the GPRS to see if that would help. Nope.

    The one other thing the guy said to try is completely let the battery drain, then recharge it. So I'm gonna be stuck for a couple more days waiting for that to not work. <sigh>

    Then at some point I'm going to have to send them this unit and I'm sure I'm going to hear, Why do you have GPRS on here when you are a Cingular customer? Oy. So I've voided my warranty right?

    I've been ready to throw this crashy piece of crap in the lake for months now. I don't believe I paid $400 for this thing. I am SO going back to Nokia once I'm out from under this thing.
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    Actually, the Handspring call center is in Canada... I asked the young lady I spoke with where the call center was because I thought she sounded Indian or middle-eastern.

    (Doesn't mean she wasn't, just that she's in Canada now)

    I'm waiting for my second replacement 180 after the GPRS upgrade ate my original AND the nice shiny replacement they sent...

    I agree that this upgrade process isn't going too well. Handspring should have charged us a shipping fee so they could perform the Radio upgrade themselves... Hindsight is always 20/20.

    If waiting for the battery to die doesn't help (it didn't for me), specifically ASK for a replacement, detailing all the things you've tried and error messages you've gotten.

    Best of Luck,

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    I have seen if you update with hacks enabled the update failes.
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    Re callcenter. Well, according to a Wired article I read recently, these folks in India are trained to lie about where they are. They even come up with fake "american" names and "stories" for us. E.g, "Hey, how about those Yankees..." they follow our local popculture news so they can seem "with it" and put us at ease. At any rate the guy I talked to was not "with it", was very much Indian, and even if he was in Canada it must of been up in the NW Territory above the arctic circle. It was like talking over two cans and a string. <sigh> Anyway...

    Re the problem. As exasperated as I was with the process, I have to admit, the guy earned his $20 (rip-off that that is). He fixed the problem. He gave me two things to try: download and run the Reset Radio util and Run Down the Battery, then recharge and try again. The former didn't work as I have the ROM update installed which conflicts with the Reset util. But the latter did work. Much to my surprise. I let it run down over night. In the morning I plugged it in... it was wiped clean, all data lost... but the radio worked again. Go figure.

    Still I have to say, my next phone will NOT be a Handspring. I was a _very_ early adopter of the Visor Deluxe, VisorPhone, and now a Treo. The first unit was a great/fun experience. The VP was just ok... I got tired of having a phone that I needed to reboot frequently. The Treo is just crap. Nice concept. Looks cool... let's face it.... it works like crap. I'm going to try a non-palm device next time. My coworkers are carrying these color Windows devices. I want Outlook on my next phone. I'm tired of this nonsense.

    Thanks all for the support and encouragement thru this event. I appreciate the effort.
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    I just encountered the same problem with my 180, and after reading all the comments, went ahead anyway with the ResetRadio download from the Handspring site. To my surprise, it worked!! I was reconnected immediately to T-Mobile. Relief.

    The only thing I noted was, I needed to have the unit in the Error condition when doing the reset, or it would not work. So after performing a soft reset, try to turn the phone on (Network Search... appears), then launch the ResetRadio app. After more than 5 secs, I returned to the Phone app to see that I was reconnected.

    Now... should I move ahead with the GPRS update??? Decisions, decisions! ...michael
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    Well, I suppose you might be right.

    The names of the Handspring responders to my emails were not 'western'. But, the answers were very helpful. The 'eastern-sounding' young lady I spoke to (Sunday evening; 24-7 support is cool) was very helpful and patient.

    Actually, when I called to arrange a second replacement, the 'American-sounding' woman I spoke with was less friendly and informed than the 'eastern-sounding' woman I spoke to a few days earlier. In her defense, she did eventually help me.

    As long as they speak English well enough for me to get the help I need, and they're polite, They could live on the dark side of the moon for all I care.

    (BTW: I'm not sure my Spanish was ever as good as their English is...)

    vaya con dios, amigos


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