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    I have the data connection die in the middle of use occasionally, since I got it on Nov 7th. I never had the soft-reset problem, but I did have this problem before they solved the soft-reset problem.

    However it's been very infrequent for me.. once a week maybe.

    A more pressing issue for me is the data connection timing out after X idle time, without the Treo being aware of it, and thus all future data access attempts fail (like Treo300SMS trying to get my SMS messages). Forcing me to manually disconnect and try again. And I suspect, sometimes leading to fast battery drain where the transmitter gets stuck on or something.
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    Im also having a huge problem connecting, for the past 4 or 5 days now in Cleveland, OH.
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    For about the past 3 weeks my assumption is that I am not connected--and that's usually accurate. The biggest problem is that Blazer acts as if it thinks I'm connected, then I have to wait through several cycles of its attempts to retrieve data till it finally gets it and hooks up.
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    From discussions with a senior Sprint Network Engineer, I believe that all of these problems are related and arise out of the same issue. Voice gets priority over data, so when the network is too busy, data services are "unavailable," even though 3G data and voice do not use the same "channel". Depending on which version of the firmware you have and which data-enabled application you are using (and maybe which region you happen to be in), the behavior is different. E.g., if you're using Blazer or SnapperMail, it times out. If you're using a PQA, it will force a reconnection on its own. If you happen to go to the phone application in between, it often closes the gray bars and will then force Blazer & similar apps to reconnect when you go back to them. You can also manually disconnect the data "connection" and then reconnect.

    I truly believe that the long and the short of it is that: (a) there is insufficient network capacity and/or thre are network bottlenecks artificially limit that capacity; and (b) the Treo firmware and OS do not react logically and consistently to network busy situations.

    I know that a fix is being worked on (I'm testing a version of it right now), but I don't know when/how/if it will be released.

    I'll post again when I have more info.
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    the only reason I don't think it's a traffic or network congestion issue is that I've had my Treo since August, and have only been experiencing these problems in the last week and a half. I think some network parameters were changed to address the soft reset thing that so many folks were having. Who knows, though?

    Let's hope the stuff you're trying will prove to be the magic sauce.
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    nrosser, I agree that changes in network parameters have likely been the reason for some of the changes we've seen in this phenomenon over the last two months. What I was alluding to is actually only part of the problem (and part of the solution), as you correctly point out. I do think that once the firmware issues are ironed out and the network bottlenecks optimized, things should improve (or at least become less annoying), though there will still be network issues to address over the longer term. At least the beta firmware build I'm running completely eliminates all soft resets, so that in itself is a great improvement. Now if Sprint and Handspring can just get the firmware/OS/apps to recognize when a dormant connection is really no longer connected, I will be happy until network capacity increases.
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