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    i can't receive sms messages from treo300sms or sprint website (from website it says "recipient does not subscribe to this service"). i was recieving them fine since i've had the app. sprint doesn't have a friggin clue. they tried to tell me because i am using a third party sms app they can't support this error. anyway, anyone else having these troubles? oh yeah, something strange happened: i went to send an sms and the send button wasn't there then i went to the treo300sms app & it wasn't authenticated & i had to reenter my phone number plus passcodes... and then reset my treo... weird.
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    Yes, I am having problems too. I just got off the phone with so called tech support who didn't believe me at first until one of them finally tried it on their own phone and got the same error. So I guess it falls into the known issue catagory. They do know about it now but I doubt that means anything. It's not just you having problems.
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    Oh boy - you are in for a real treat with this one. Same thing happened to me when Sprint reprovisioned my phone on November 16th to clear up a completely unrelated problem. When they did, I was told that my account didn't authenticate on the SMS server so couldn't access the service. They tried to reprovision me twice since and that didn't work. It is now December 1 and I have even less service, In fact I have no service.

    See I went round and round with customer service, wireless web/vision service, tier 2, supervisors, trouble tickets - you name it, I got transfered to it. I've spent collectively over 10 hours on the phone with Sprint. Most of the people at the Vision service have been great. I've caught the customer service reps in lies and have been told things that were not true. Don't belive any of these people. I don't think its intentional other than they want to tell you something, anything, to get you off the phone because they have no clue how to fix the problem and don't want to deal with it. Supervisors are no better at that level. Also, DO NOT LET THEM COMPLETELY DISCONNECT YOUR SERVICE AND TRY TO REACTIVATE!!!! I fell for this and haven't had service since Friday November 29.

    See their computers that do the activation have to completely clear the deactivation before they can process an activation. The system gets sp inundated with multiple work orders under one account that they get held and can't be cleared by normal techs. A trouble ticket and push order has to be submitted to a group that we can't talk to. Now the thing they don't tell you about these tickets is they have no clue when they will get addressed. They tell you 48-72 hours but that's a load of crap. One tech then said 5 business days and the honest one said, "There's only six of them that do this. They'll get to it when they can." In the meantime, you have no phone, no vision, nothing but a PDA. Nice huh? They were so helpful that they completely locked up my account so that now the computer systems won't process any of the orders. I have completely had it with them. I have had to go through such a myraid of various customer service reps that its no wonder things got messed up this bad. When I asked why couldn't this whole mess be assigned to one person that I would work with and have direct contact with I was told that wasn't possible. So be prepared for a frustrating merry-go-round ride at the Spint Customer Service Circus.

    So basically, yes, someone else has had the same problem and it has snowballed into such a CF that I can now only use the Treo as a PDA. I'm calling the corporate office as soon as I can find the number. You see, the customer service people aren't allowed to give that out.

    Hope you have better luck than I did. Just a tip, if I had to do it all over again, I would immediately ask for a tier 2 supervisor at the Vision customer service. Immediately get their name and insist on follow-up phone calls on what is being done. Feel free to email me off the list if I can be of any help. Who knows, maybe Santa will help me get my service back by Christmas.

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    According to Sprint PCS if they can be believed all 3G SMS is down right now and giving crazy error messages. They weren't sure if this was effecting 2G or not.
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    my sms works (Los Angeles). however, when my treo was first activated, sms didn't work. I didn't have it as bad as the above poster(regarding sprint cs), but I did have a tough time getting them to fix it. I'd say 5 Reps and 5 hours on the phone with them with 3 trouble tickets for one problem. best of luck.
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    My SMS started working again at 2:30 this morning. Just goes to show it was a network problem and not an app problem as SCS wantedme to believe.
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    yes everything is copasetic now...
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    I can say that I had quite a few issues with the SMS and data systems since Thursday. (I guess the computer systems wanted a few days off also.) Today, when I finally got a chance to start testing with a friend with the same setup, it was working like a champ.

    Checking here, lo and behold, quite a few of the same problems experienced by others.

    I am glad that we can all commiserate together at least. It is more helpful to know that you are not alone with a problem. It is that much more powerful to be able to tell the Sprint people (any of them) that the problem is not only mine.

    Working smoke detectors save lives.
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    Since I was critical in Sprint's customer service in my previous post I thought it only fair to post a follow up.

    Yesterday afternoon I received a phone call from Sprint and within 20 minutes they had the voice on my phone working and told me I should be provisioned in a couple hours. It didn't happen so I called back and got transfered to tier II Vision support. The rep quickly identified the problem, corrected it, and waited with me on the phone while the Treo provisioned. Then she had me test the web, sent me a SMS mesage from her phone, email, and web page (all worked), and checked their system (activue?) to make sure everything was going through properly. I was very impressed with her patience and service. She understood the Treo and she was very understanding of this extremely frustrating experience. It was because of her that this ended on a very positive note. Its people like this that tell me Sprint's customer service is improving and there are people there that do take the time.

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