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    I have a plan with unlimited Vision. I am going to Dallas (from Chicago).
    Will I be charged extra if I use my treo as a phone there?
    Will I be charged extra if I use my treo to browse the web or check email there?

    I tried to get these questions answered on www., but could not find anything.
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    no and no. also unlimited nights and weekends will be based on the time of the city you travel to.
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    just so you know where you could have found out, since it might vary by where you are traveling, at the site, look under plans, then type the zip code of where you are going.

    since all the plans with vision include unlimited long distance with no roaming charges, so long as you are going to an area with coverage, there is no additional phone charge, and web (vision) is unlimited so that's no issue either.

    however, if you end up roaming on another digital network besides sprint, you would have charges. and if there is no digital network, only analog, you would be out of luck since the treo300 is only a single mode phone and can't roam on an analog network.
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