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    hi all,

    i'm wondering if it's harmful to keep the treo plugged in (or sitting in the cradle) for extended periods after showing the green light?

    my treo tends to always have a full charge - i plug it in at night while i sleep and leave it in a cradle during the day at work.

    i've heard that some devices do not recommend leaving the charger connected after full charging is complete (my digital elph's manual says something about it for it's lithium ion battery).

    even though lithium batteries supposedly don't have charge-memory degradation - is it still a good idea to let the thing run down every once in a while?

    any thoughts?
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    The bottom line is - don't worry about it. This has been discussed thoroughly in the past here and the conclusive answer is that keeping it connected has no long term ill effect.

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    Lithium-ion cells are so delicate that whenever they make lithium-ion batteries, they include a charging control circuit. Without the circuit, 1 minute too much of overcharging or overuse would destroy the battery. The circuitry completely protects the battery and makes sure it's never discharged too much and never overcharged.

    So bottom line, you don't need to worry about it.

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