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    As a Ringo 300 subscriber, I was glad to get an email today about the new bugfix version and immediately downloaded them.

    But it raised certain questions in my mind as to just how far it was necessary to go to replace the old with the new since there were no instructions with the download.

    Since there was no warning against simply installing over the old ringtones, I did that, but still wonder whether further steps are required, e.g.:

    1) Do I need to go into Ringo and delete my Personal Ringtones and re-create them from the new sets, or do my Personal ringtone selections automatically point to the tunes in the new set?;

    2) Do I have to re-synchronize the radio etc.

    Anyone more knowledgeable here happen to know?


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    I am a Ringo subscriber but have not received any email about a bug fix??

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    the trial download still seems to be the same. i was waiting to pay until they got these bugs worked out. palmgsm sent a new version of some of the tones out, but the james bond theme still caused my treo to reset...

    at least they are trying
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    Any idea whether the update fixes the low-volume problem with setting custom ringers for speed dail buttons?
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    It's one thing that I find frustrating about the and Electric Pocket web sites. There is no easy way to see the when a product was updated, or the current version. You end up re-downloading the .zip files and have to compare dates of the files or reload them on your device to check ther about box.


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