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    I was playing around with software today and all of the sudden (after doing a reset) it refuses to connect to the network...voice or data. All the palm features are still working fine. Sprint saids that there isn't a network problem in my area and opened a trouble ticket.

    What do you think. Do the radios just die? Did I break it ihstalling basejet? Network Problem.

    So far it hasn't worked since 2 today?
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    after a reset you have to turn the phone back on. hold down the power button until you see the "Welcome to Sprint"
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    Thanks....I guess. I have read the manual and know how the phone works.

    This morning I woke to find the phone completely dead. So I charge it up and now it is back to normal. What is weird is that I tried a Hard Reset yesterday and it didn't fix things either. I guess it was some network problem.

    I think I will add the equipment replacement to my account. This phone is too flacky.

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