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    having used gprs and 1xRTT extensively - verizon, sprint, tmobile & att - including phones and pcmcia cards w/ class 12 gprs modems, I have to say that 1xRTT has lower latency by 200-300 ms than gprs. However, the available bandwidth is comparable especially in marginal areas. Since I do a lot of interactive work using shells, the superior latency of 1xRTT wins. Even if 1xRTT wasn't superior in terms of latency, it would still win because the 1x providers have superior data rate plans.
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    I left T-mobile due to the fact that their data rate plans suck (and the lousy customer service), especially in comparison to Sprint's.

    Yes Sprint can tell if you are using a laptop through your phone. This was discussed at some length on the SprintPCS newsgroup. Search the google newsgroup archive. So far they don't seem to be going after people who are doing it, but I wouldn't count on that lasting. People who are using it as an ISP would likely get their attention. This same issue came up with cable modems and ISPs trying to keep people from hosting websites on their computers.

    If you are a casual user I wouldn't worry too much. If you're using it constantly as your ISP for a laptop I would imagine at some point you'll get called on that. Just my $.02
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    Scott R and Vgill: Thanks for the Info! I look forward to making the comparison when the time comes.

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    Originally posted by glenng
    Definitely getting this phone to use with my Tungsten. However, I still will not get rid of my Treo, either.

    One thing that interests me is how fast the Tungsten w/ Snapper and the browser that comes with it will operate via a BT connection versus the Treo 300. The Treo has the direct connection, but OS 3.5 kinda slows things down. Now, the TT is fast as hell. Question is whether that Sprint BT connection would slow it down.

    I know a relative comparison can be made with Treo 300 versus a GSM BT connected TT, but thats not the same as Sprint's Network.

    I'm not sure about the latency aspect, but BT has a max transfer rate fo 720 Kbps. 1xRTT has a theoretical max transfer rate of 144 Kbps, thus a BT connect should not necessarilly slow down connectivity. Of course, ther are other factors such as discovering and devices etc that can affect transfer rates...
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