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    Please bear with what is probably a stupid question. I'm not a techie and I'm new to the Palm world (currently own an ipaq and wanted to try Palm). All I want to do is read email. I signed up for SprintPCS and have an email id ( I sent an email to this address and checked that it is there (via my desktop). How do I read this email wirelessly from my Treo 300? Do I have to install a seperate email software (I've read many of the post on this forum and they talk about various email package)? I just want to read and send email. I would think that basic functionality would be built into the Treo or included on the CD that came with the unit.

    I really like the form factor on the Treo, but it is not as easy as I had hoped (at least not yet .

    Any help on email would be appreciated, as would any suggestions you might have for a newbie.
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    Hi there,

    Unfortunately the Treo doesn't come pre-installed with an email client.

    You'll have to install an email client yourself, but it won't be difficult.

    There are a number of email clients / services out there that if you search this forum for you will find a wealth of information.

    I recommend the following 3 clients:


    BaseJet and SnapperMail have great functionality but are really still being developed so I'd be hesitent to give them my money yet. Eudora has ok functionality, but is completely free so that's what I've been using lately.

    Good luck,
    Let us know if there's any other help we can offer,
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    also probably the most productive hour or two you could spend to get great info on email and more would be to scroll through the titles of the threads at this site and read some that interest you.

    for instance, there is a huge thread and a couple of smaller ones on the best email programs. i don't know about the different ones because i use pocketflash for my aol mail. however in the posts they tear the ones mentioned above up detail by detail, so one might be better for you than the others because of a particular feature.

    i am a pc geek but not palm, and what i have learned here has been just amazing.
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    Josh & Arrons - Thanx for the reply. As silly as this may seem, I think my biggest problem is simply getting started. From everything I have read, Eudora will work fine for me, but where to start?? Is there a Eudora website that I go to to download the software? Is the software on the CD that came with the Treo? Do I go to the SprintPCSwebsite (I have tried this with no luck. And don't even get me started about the oxymoron that is known as Sprint customer service)? If I just knew where to start I think I could take it from there. Again, any help is GREATLY appreciated.
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    The easiest thing to do would probably be performing a Google search for "Eudora Mail"
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    OK, I am starting to feel as though I am making progress. The last question (hopefully) I have should be simple. I have downloaded Eudora and was amazed at how simple the download/sync process was as compared to PPC.

    My question is that while trying to set up to receive my Sprint email I am prompted for both my Incoming and Outgoing servers. From reading the various posts on this forum I think I have figured out what the Outgoing server is. Can anyone provide help on what the Incoming Server is for SprintPCS? I will call sprint, but my guess is someone will probably post the answer on this site long before I get of the phone with customer care.

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    Hope this helps!
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    Originally posted by a2rob


    Hope this helps!
    TREMENDOUSLY! Thank you all for your help.
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    I am also a new treo 300 buyer (hasn't even come from amazon yet) but wanted to ask in this thread if the mailer from electric pocket is an appropriate mail program for someone who wants e-mail capabilities from behind a firewall on a company server or whether I should just use the eudora program?
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    I am able to retrive my email. Thank you to all who provided help. Also, I'm posting this reply wirelessly. These are interesting times we live in (or I'm just to easily impressed).

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