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    On Nokia phones by typing Menu # (or motorola by tyrping *#) you can quickly lock all keys so that the phone doesn't do anything unless you want it to. (but you can answer incoming calls by pressing answer when the phoen wrings, or flipping it open)

    This feature would be really useful on my Treo - so that the jog dial and four main function keys don't do anything unless you activate it. Is this possible using any software or features on the 270?

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    You can lock your sim card from the Phonebook Options/Phone Preferences menu if all you want to do is prevent unauthorized phone use.

    If you need more there are plenty of security lock software out there. I use Sign-On by CIC.
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    Thanks - I already use the SIM lock, but what I want is just a casual and quick lock. Ideally no passwords etc. - its just to stop accidental key presses either making a call or draining the battery.
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    I use PowerOn. It will prevent your Treo from turning on from any of the exposed buttons (including power) while the lid is closed.

    You can configure it to prevent the Treo from coming on (and making a phone call) by accidentally pressing a key.

    All you do is flip on and flip off to activate / inactivate.

    If you find a single hack or utility that does what you ar looking for, let me know. I can use it too.

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