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    Is there a previous call counter in the Treo I somehow haven't found yet? Every phone I've had offers cumulative counters and a last call counter, but I haven't found a way to see the length of a previous call. I'd love it if time length was displayed in the detail view of a call in the call history pane. Any way to write a hack to do this?

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    Have not found anything in the treo itself but have been using a program called Cell Plan and it works well
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    Agendus will show you the length of your calls, in a roundabout way. The Treo records how long the call is, just for some reason it doesn't show it and for some reason it seems no one has made a simple modification to the phone app to do it. Or even a minimal app that just shows call history/length.

    The formats are available and some people have even used it to create tools to export it to an Excel spreadsheet (search), but nothing simple, on-phone. I think Agendus is the closest you'll get.

    Cell Plan does show cumulative total minutes for all calls for the month, but not the specifics of individual calls.

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