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    When i send a file via SnapperMail (from treo300) the file I get has a .pdb extention on it.... for example : filename.jpg.pdb

    does anyone know if i am forgeting to set something up or if this is just how it is handled by snappermail?

    ps: the file is fine if i delete the .pdb extention on my PC.. but if i send a file to someone else.... thats where the problem comes in.

    Thanks in advance..

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    Forgive the stupidity of my question, but how do you get the .jpg file from your computer to your Treo to allow snappermail to find it?
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    I email it to myself, check my email on the treo (via SM) and open/save it with JpegWatch Lite .... it works fine that way...... its emailing it out that is the problem
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    If you can email it to your treo from your pc, why would you need to email it FROM your treo? Just curious... I'm still trying to find a solution for emailing jpgs from a digital camera that won't involve a pc. I just want to get the jpgs off a compact flash card, into the treo and emailed from there.
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    to send it to other people at other times.... like when i am not at my PC and someone needs a logo for something (i am a graphic designer)
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    Gotcha. I would be real interested if you find a solution. I'm a photographer, hoping to send digital photos to my newspaper and magazine clients from the field via the treo.

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