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    Anyone have any idea how to try this out? can parts be ordered from Handspring (at all?) that would allow the swap? I'd like the color screen but I really want the backlit keyboard.
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    You could probably find a source for the clear keypad, but you'd need to hack something together for the lightsource. Probably better off, just ebay'n the 180 and buying a 270/300.
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    I'm fairly certain all the important parts of the keyboad are already translucent on the 180 KB... all you need is light source. That or glow-in-the-dark ink
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    so is there any glow in the dark keyboard ? why didnt handspring tought of this earlier ??
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    I agree with Dannoz, the keyboards look identical between the 180 and 270. I am not sure where the light source would go, I have not seen the 270 taken apart.
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    We just need someone to detail where the led is in the 270. The 180 kb is the same. Put a small pen light behind it and it looks EXACTLY like a lit up 270/300
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    I would imagine that adding lighting to the keyboard (assuming it's the same one) would be the same as changing the lights for Nokia phones. They sell these tiny LED that people just swap with the standard green ones. Imagine using a Treo 180 with white-ish blue backlight.
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    Not if their is no circuit for the LEDs to go on.
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    Getting a LED, and building a simple circuit for it (if really needed) is no problem.
    The real issue is getting it lit when you really need it, and not all the time.
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    Good points as well halperin.
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    How about wiring in parallel (resisters as necessary, etc) from the lead to the screen backlight. Anytime you would need the kb lit you would need the screen lit.
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    It's been some time since I have opened my unit, and as the Treo screen comes as one unit I am not sure if the Screen LED wiring is reachable...
    Assuming it is - should be no problem.
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    Originally posted by Appleman
    I agree with Dannoz, the keyboards look identical between the 180 and 270. I am not sure where the light source would go, I have not seen the 270 taken apart.
    Sorry but they are not identical.

    The 270 keyboard is a printed transparent membrane.

    Unfortunately, the 180 membrane is a sickly looking solid white colour which has been printed (file the blue colour off your option key). Light will not pass through it.

    How do I know this? I am Dr. Treo

    Circuit wise, it is possible (if you can get a 270 membrane). LED's are the way to go but power drain would be significant. I'm toying with the idea of using the existing 180 backlight and channeling the lightsource to the keyboard.

    BTW. After my Treo HFL mutation, I am now working on a way to transplant a human brain with a Treo (volunteers, please)
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    i think the best idea is still if handspring came out a modd for replacing 180 keyboard with a glow in the dark keyboard lets face it no battries needed
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    i had planned to make a glow-in-the-dark keyboard the next time i get a chance. i need to find a piece of g.i.t.d. paper to lay over the keyboard. those that use our keyboard a great deal know where the buttons are, but we're just not sure where they are, but we could see them (know where they are) if they were outlined.
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    Any progress on this topic yet, I would really like to have my keyboard lit on my 180. If anyone has done a mod yet please share!!!

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