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    Anyone out there know AvantGo inside/out? I'm wondering how I can add my own Wireless Channels instead of just using the pre-ordained ones from AvantGo. Example: I'd like to add the Handango channel, but I don't know how.

    Also I've tried logging on to via AvantGo, but when I log on I get a blank page with the wordk 'ok' at the top. Actually, I get that on some other pages as well.

    Any AvantGurus out there?

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    How are you adding channels?

    You should be able to add Handango just by going to the website. What happened when you tried to add it?

    Also, are you listed as a wireless user? If so the channels that have wireless available should automatically appear as the wireless version.
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    I open AvantGo, click the 'My Wireless' link. My wireless channels show up. It appears these were set up by default because I did not subscribe to some of them. I click the 'Edit' button. Only selected channels are offered to me (, CNN, Expedia To Go, etc.) and I cannot seem to add new ones.

    I went back to my regular channels page and added Handango, for example. Then I Modem Synched my device. The new channel synched, *but still does not appear as an available wireless channel*.

    Sounds like the wireless channels are pre-ordained by AvantGo. Very confusing.
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    If I understand correctly I think you are missing out on the wonderful world that is

    Try that out on a desktop. Using blazer would be kind of rough.

    If you've been there and you still didn't find what you were looking for let me know.

    There is a way to create your own channels if that what you need to do.
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    OK, here is what to do, from a desktop computer (quite impossible from a browser such as Blazer or Xiino):

    Go to and click on
    'My Avantgo Consummer service'

    First, sign in (or register, if you're not yet).

    Then, click to 'My Account' tab, on the right side of your screen.
    Under 'Subscriptions", click on
    'Create a custom channel'

    Here you are!
    Complete the various required fields (name, location, etc.) and when done, click on
    'Save channel'

    That's it!
    Next time you synchronise, the new channel will be added to your Treo Avantgo and you will be able to browse / read / whatever from your favorite device!
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    You shouldn't have to create a custom channel for Handango though
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    It is only custom in the sense that it isn't one of the regular AvantGo channels.

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