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    Treo 300 as Bday present from wife. Formerly Palm 7 user very used to web clipping add-ons such as "moviefone, OAG, Brandfinder, and UAL, and AA flight finder". These applcations do not work with Treo, Right? They are blacked out on my 300 and do not operate. Are thee alternatives? Any helpis appreciated. I'm new to lots of the tech talk.
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    There are 5 webclipping files needed. You can find them all on this site:

    After Hotsync you might need to reset the Blazer proxy. Instructions to do this is located on the page also (at the bottom). I only add this part because I try this once and just figured it didn't work, then two weeks later I found out about resetting the proxy. Works like a charm now.

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    I have the AA "flight finder" working on my Treo. You need to go to AA's website and download the PQA for the Palm 3.5 operating system. That should do it.

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