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    T-Mobile in the US is my SP. I will be in Rome & Egypt in Dec. TMobile says that I can send/receive voice calls. They were not sure if SMS will work (send as well as receive) while I am in Rome & Egypt. Anyone has had any experience in sending/receiving SMS while roaming from the USA in Europe and/or the middle east?
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    I was in Europe in April. Phone access is good with the roaming agreements with Voicestream to local providers. SMS however at that time was slow. If I sent an SMS to the states it took almost a day. I am sure things have improved between the operators by now.
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    I was traveling in Nice France and Rome Italy and had no problems with SMS.
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    Thanks for comments. Will I be charged extra for sending/receiving SMS msgs while roaming? I assume its not free even though iu have subscribed to the $3 TMobile plan for 500 messages/month.
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    I don't know about the SMS charges. Make sure that you call T-Mobile and have your account set up in advance for international roaming. It's free. The rates for international per area are also published at their web site.
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    It seems to depend on the operator that you have "selected" while roaming. For instance all 4 operators in the UK seemed to work with my T-Mobile account, sending and receiving SMS, whereas in France it was 3 out of the 4 carriers. When I was in Denmark last, I didn't receive any SMS, but I could send ok.

    I don't get the feeling there is a chart somehwere which documents this for all countires - suck it and see I guess. At least while roaming in EU, you can "select network" periodically and see if you start getting messages again.

    Oh - when it did work, it was as fast as email.

    Its ok for what I use messages for, but not very reliable for critical business use.

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