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    I'm a newbie, plan on purchasing a Treo 270 or 300, and have a few questions about Sprint.

    1. Do the Sprint Vision plans have text paging?
    2. Why is Sprint better than T-Mobile?
    3. Can I get email from any pop3 account or is a special ISP required?

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    <<1. Do the Sprint Vision plans have text paging?>>
    YES! But On Treo 300 you can only recieve and not send using the included application. However you can use the browser to go to the handspring website and send sms from there, or other online services.
    <<2. Why is Sprint better than T-Mobile?>>
    Sprint has unlimited vision access for only $10. T-mobile will charge you 100's of dollars for unlimited access/data transfers
    <<3. Can I get email from any pop3 account or is a special ISP required?>
    You can get email from any pop3 account.

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    perfect. Thanks, Itsmoney!

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    I'm not a huge T Mobile fan, nor a Sprint fan.

    Here are some advantages of T Mobile:

    1. SIM card contains your info, so if your Treo 270 was to break, you can grab your SIM card and plug it into a GSM phone and have a cell phone that works!

    2. T Mobile has much better customer service, versus the notorious Sprint crappy customer service. I never had problems with T Mobile/Voicestream for over a year.

    3. GSM is widespread throughout the world, and will eventually become the norm for cellular services. Only Americans use different cellular protocols: CDMA/TDMA. Asia and Europe uses GSM technology which your Treo 270 WILL work there.

    4. T Mobile plans are more cost effective(in terms of minutes of usage). However, as said earlier, the GPRS service is expensive on T Mobile. I'm upset at T Mobile for doing this!!!!!!

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