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    When I click on a blank speed dial button and select "lookup", I cannot search using the keyboard. Only the down arrow in the corner.

    If I am using the "Contacts" page the keyboard works fine for searching.

    Any idea's?

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    Mine works.
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    Mine works, too. Try doing a soft reset, see if that clears the problem -- sounds like an interal bug. I had something similar (couldn't dial when I tapped on a number in the "Contacts" mode), and the reset did the trick for me.
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    It took a hard reset to get the keypad back to working correctly. The problem was caused when I installed "Action Names" contact manager and selected the index C,L,F (company, lastname, firstname).

    The Treo can only handle an index of F,L or L,F (no company).

    I hope this helps someone else.

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    The problem here is that the AddressBook on any Palm OS device has only two sort options. They never included Company as a sort option presumably because of speed and also because the Index file takes up space. Whenever you add a record to the AddressBook another file is updated too which is the fast sorting index for the addressbook. It seems that ActionNames and some other applications like Fast Names overwrite this file with their own version of the index and thereby break the quick search of several functions on the Treo. My SMS application went haywire until I remembered that I had sorted by company in Fast Names.

    I simply went back into the Contacts view of PhoneBook and selected Options | preferences and selected on of the two List by options there. This regenerates the index file which is correct for the Treo.
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    It is hard to believe that the company search index would not be included. What was Palm thinking? PDA's are normally used by the business market and professionals. Not your average house wife.

    When I go to GM or Ford, I like to search by "Company" (GMPT Plt 36) and see everyone I deal with on the screen at one time. Easier than remembering last names and makes for fast lookups.

    So what are my options now? List each company as a seperate catagory? How much space will this take up and are you allowed 200 catagories? This is a problem I hope someone can help me on. How do others index?

    Thanks for all the input.
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    Palm OS 5.5 may start to address some of these needs. It is one of those things that will drive you nuts or you will never care about.

    Very few third party address book applications mess with he index file that I talked about above. Agendus and Chapura KeyContacts and capable (but IMO not pretty) TakePhone all do a good job of sorting by company without interfering with other Treo actions.
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    Agendus is what I am using and I reindexed using company and my problem came back. Change back to lastname and all is fine. So with this new found knowledge I can set index to lastname and setup my phone app. then I will switch back to company for my main contacts listed in Agendus.

    Thanks again,
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    Originally posted by Poryphyron
    capable (but IMO not pretty) TakePhone all do a good job...

    Well - working on the next version...

    Is this better looking ?
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