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    This probably is really an Outlook question, but when I get mail from my Outlook Exchange, all of the mail programs (Eudora, Business Connection, etc.) only retrieve mail from the Inbox, but not from subfolders where I have directed incoming messages to be diverted. Any ideas how retrieve incoming mail from Inbox subfolders? Thanks.
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    I would like to hear how others have handled this as well. What I have done is to change my filters to not move mail to folders and instead put a category on the mail messages. This way, I can group the messages in my inbox easily and still see them all on my treo.
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    Except for a few specific items (mailing lists, primarily), I have everything go to the Inbox and then manually sort as I read.

    So, in short, I have everything that I don't want to read on the Treo put into folders, and everything I do in the Inbox.
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    In Outlook, it's easy to misplace or misfile an email because it ideally belongs in more than one folder (Lotus Notes handles emails much better). As a result, I don't sort into folders at all and simply sort by sender, date, etc., or use the "Find" feature for key words (I call this "Googling the Inbox"). The problem was that my Inbox became too big to sync with my PDA (1000+ emails).
    I solved this problem by creating a new folder that I named "Inbox+" and created a rule so that all incoming emails would dump directly into "Inbox +", with it now acting as a substitute for my "Inbox". Now, I simply drag and drop (or copy) into the original "Inbox" all the emails I want to sync into my Treo.
    You can also revise the rule to automatically leave selected incoming emails in the "Inbox" (emails from a particular source or with a particular title).

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