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    I installed the Web Clipping libraries on my Treo 300 and can successfully use PQAs. However, if I try to place a bid using the eBay PQA, I receive a network error message. Has anyone else encountered this problem?
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    I've placed bids before know problem.

    One weird thing happened the other day where I placed a bid and it was for an item that I didn't want. It was for an item that wasn't even remotely close to what I searched for.
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    After doing some research, I believe my problem is due to the fact that the Treo does not have a unique wireless ID (device ID) like the Palm VII/VIIx/i705. I verified that the The eBay PQA sends the device ID by selecting the checkbox to "Warn when sending ID" in the Wireless Preferences. Since the Treo device ID is not unique (probably zero), it can cause problems like Tekawiz experienced where the wrong data was returned when he placed a bid.

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