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    I knew I would be crazy for trying this, but I am also an optimist.

    After I finally got my Treo configured to send email, I changed my vision username because I did not want the one Sprint assigned. Now my email will not work because my account still seems to have my original email name (it appears on the profile screen) even though I CAN login to vision services using my new username and password.

    Does anyone know how to solve this?

    I plan to call support on Friday, but advice will be appreciated.

    Oh well, I should have left well enough alone.

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    I did the very same thing with my first Treo-300 and Sprint could *NOT* get the data servers to replicate my new user-id through their network. It was hopelessly stuck! I kept track of the time I spent with them trying to get this change "Un-Done". 22 hours (no joke) with even their TOP support people. They even had me go to a Sprint store to exchange the phones since the phone is keyed to the account through the ESN number. No soap after another weeks worth of effort. I finally got p!$$ed off enough where I went into the store and told them I wanted to start a NEW ACCOUNT with a Treo 300. Yes, this would be a new phone number and a whole new acount as though I had a second phone (which I did for a short time as you will see). Once they got the new phone activated, with the new account - I returned the Treo that was assigned to the hopelessly stuck user-id.

    Yes I have a user-id that really stinks now - but you know what - as long as I don't have to go through this misery again, I can DEAL with it...

    Maybe you will have better luck than I did, but only about a month has passed since all this happened to me. If I were you, I would save the headaches and do what I did.
    Granted - you should not HAVE to do this - but I could not spend any more of my time trying to help them figure out the inequities of their processes..
    Regards - Randy "Thumper-7"

    Sprint's Customer Service will eventually put them out of business!
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    i am so glad you posted bout this. you probably saved me a lot of headache. I also was considering changing my I'd, but I hesitated because i've see how much of an ordeal it is just to get a treo working. I decided not to throw any more complication into the mix, and just live with it. now i'm glad I did.

    does anyone know of an error free way to go about this?
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    In the beginning I didn't have a "change vision password" icon and couldn't use a lot of my vision features.

    A vision tech changed my username from userid03@ to userid@. Seemed to propagate to my phone within a few seconds and I haven't had any problems since.

    Funny though, because on my bill, it shows four different email addresses (userid with a variety of numbers attached to it).

    If everything is working for you now though, I'd avoid touching anything.

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