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    I am frustrated and upset! My Franklin Covey software CD, which came with my Visor Neo (bought from Franklin Covey), is unusable, and is version 7.0. FC will NOT replace it, and wants me to upgrade to 8.0, which is around $80. If anyone uses this software, and has version 7.0, can you please zip up your CD, and send it to me at I still have the applications on my Neo and Prism, but do not have them on my PC which majorly sucks. *sigh*

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    I use F Planner software, as well. If you can go to a Franklin store, tell them you would like a copy of the v. 8.0 upgrade -- I believe it's 30 or $40 rather than $80. You will need to download the v 7.3 upgrade before installing the 8.0 upgrade.

    I unfortunately can't send you the 8.0 illegally (I use it for business purposes). If it helps (and you haven't already done so). I have found the upgrade well worth the price I paid.

    Note: you may need to reinstall some of your handspring hot sync software after loading the franklin upgrade in order to get everything to hot sync properly.

    Also note: I tried using the 8.1 upgrade and had some major problems using the program on an internal company server (with shared users). Although it may have been a fluke, I decided to reinstall the 8.0.x version and it seems to be working well with my Treo 270.... Good luck!

    p.s. If you work for a fairly large company, FC may offer a company discount on the softaware. I believe I saved 20%.
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    Hi Griff

    I had been using FPS 7.3 w/my visor deluxe but recently upgraded to the Treo 90. It was your post that lead me in the right direction, but man the hassle!!! (not your fault ofcourse).

    I thought it would be easy since I already had 7.3 but oh no, life isn't that easy. After upgrading I wasn't able to sync. So following FP's 101 patch and update alerts (hello! that alone should have told me there was a problem with the software!) I tried it was a no go.

    Starting from scratch, I had to reinstall all my upgrades from 7.0 all the way through 8.1 (that was about 6 or 7 (patches and all) and low and behold I'm still having problems...from illegal operations all the way to unable to true sync!

    After about two hours w/FP tech support (two newbies at that). I went home, cried and reinstalled everything again. And I still can't get the truesync function to work.

    Some how or another after I rebooted my computer, FPS became stable and the "illegal operations" went away but now my aol has been infected with this condition.

    I must have gone through 2 resets and 3 fatal errors on my handheld.

    I like my treo but is FPS horrible or does my Treo seem to be temperamental (doesn't like to many programs)?...Did you experienced anything like this?

    Any ideas on the truesync function?
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    I have never used the truesync feature -- a friend of mine attempted to do this on version 7.0, and he had all sorts of problems thereafter. Because of that, I never have loaded the truesync feature...I only sync the calendar, etc., not my outlook email....

    I agree that upgrading is crazy, you have to re-load a bunch of versions just to get you to the final one. I did originally have some trouble hotsyncing when I purchased the treo (formerly had a Palm Vx). I basically had to re-load the treo software after loading the Franklin Software....that enables the use of the handspring specific version of hotsync. I wouldn't bother going through Franklin's tech support -- I would try handsping's first (at least regarding general hotsync). As for truesync, good luck...I guess you'd have to go to Franklin for that. Let me know if it works out for you.

    If it helps, now that everything is loaded, I love the integration of the Franklin software with my Treo (a 270), and really love having the phone and palm stuff all together.

    Good luck!
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    Hi Griff

    Thanks for your reply...well I gave up on the truesync, personally I don't think that function works at all, it was all a gimmick

    Finally I was able to get everything to work and sync properly, I had called FC support and the last guy was excellent, he was the one who told me don't bother w/truesync.

    Everything is running well now, so I'm happy.


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