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    Originally posted by jinx
    here's another site selling treo batteries
    This site you mention in your link Laptopsforless is the same site as

    Here's another link for battery for 180/270/300
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    you can try use nokia 6100 battery. just cut or desolder the connector wire from old battery, and solder it to correct positive and negative in nokia battery. make sure you test it first.
    here's my treo 270 with nokia battery, the original treo battery is 3.7 volt 850 mAh. the nokia (not nokia original battery) is 3.6 volt 900 mAh, so far I have no problem with my treo
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    Hey I like your solution. Here's a real resourceful Treo user that checks alternatives.

    A Nokia 6100 battery cost around $40.00 and some websites sell them for about $20.00.

    Thanks for the input.

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    Originally posted by ronbo2000
    A Nokia 6100 battery cost around $40.00 and some websites sell them for about $20.00.
    Beware of the exploding Chinese counterfeit Nokia batteries.,00.htm

    From what I read on, there are a bunch of counterfeit Nokia batteries coming out of China which don't have short-circuit protection. These apparently have a fake Nokia label and cannot be easily discerned.

    Heck I dunno. Just saying that Li-Ion batteries can be fairly dangerous if they don't have the proper safety circuits.
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    Thanks for the warning, Potatoho.

    I have heard about fire caused by fake batteries. This is certainly a concern. To be safe, use only the real Nokia or trusted vendor supplier for Nokia batteries if you know one. The warning is true and everyone needs to be aware of this.

    Nonetheless, an alternative supply for batteries has been identified. This does not discount this solution in anyway except for the warning.

    Thank you all.
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    On a similar vein, I just received my replacement 270 battery from Laptops-for-Less. It came 2nd day UPS, complete with instructions, a jewler's screwdriver, and a 1 year warranty.

    It is a 3.7V/900 mAh replacing a 3.7V/850mAh
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    Cause my Treo 270 battery is almost dead - it lasted for less than one five-minutes call, I've just installed original Nokia 6100 battery. It is 3.7V but only 720mAh. Anyway, this is the best scenario for me cause to get original Treo battery in Ukraine will take about a month and the price plus shipment will go up to $100. Nokia battery is about $30 here, and I don't believe I can live without Treo more than one day :-))) And my Treo 600 is on its way to Ukraine, hope I'll get it by the middle of December
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    I ripped the treo 270 shrinkwrap and here's what's written on the metal case:
    LGQ5334500R BA10
    5617020298 00A

    nzmoko, where did you get the connectors? I designed a lithium ion protection circuit and thats the only component missing in my experiment that will let me use different batteries for the 270.

    amenxyz, what happens if you leave the treo charging for longer than it should? Does the battery you bought have a protection circuit already? What happens when the battery gets fully drained? Does it still take a charge afterwards? I did something similar to yours. I used a BL-5C (nokia 3650) battery, attached the old protection circuit, and put it all in the treo 270.

    Also, where did you get that nice shiny small antenna?

    The BL-5C fits snugly (a bit too tight for me) so im wondering if the BL-4C, the one for the 6100, fits better, just like the original handspring battery?
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