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    Now that I have tried GPRS, I've noticed:
    - it ain't much faster than CSD
    - those 40K HTML newsletters I get would fill a skimpy allotment quickly!

    Are there any e-mail programs out there that allow for downloading just the headers of e-mails, and then facilitating the download of the body of any e-mail header (subject, etc.) you click on afterwards?

    With always-on GPRS that'd be kinda the best of all worlds
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    Okay, talking to myself here... looks like Eudora's app will do this.

    So this raises my next question: Any e-mail programs 'sides Basejet and Treomail sync with Outlook?
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    the haven't been updated in years Multimail /w conduit.
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    Snappermail does this. You have to edit the account settings under "Fetch".
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    One Touch Mail - the one that comes with the Treo also can be set to only get headers.


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