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    I put my fiancee on my Sprint plan. We have 2000 anytime,+ unlimited PCS-PCS + nights weekends.

    I went to the sprint site to check our minutes. The minutes for my phone seem ok, but they already have her phone for over 1000 anytime minutes, but NO night or PCS-PCS minutes used. Seems to me they are placing all her minutes into the anytime category.

    Sprint customer service tells me that the actual minutes will show up once we get the bill. But we will have no idea of our actual anytime usage during the cycle!
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    This has been a problem with shared plans for a quite a while. Unfortunately, it's something you'll have to live with until they fix it. I have no idea when that will be though.
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    OK, no question they put all her minutes in the anytime column. If you switch to her number and study the tally a little you can figure it out. everytime she makes a call it is tallied as an off peak minute. Crazy but when you view it on the web it is lumped into anytime minutes. I suggest you get celplan tracker for your phone for 10 bucks and then you will know exactly how many peak minlutes you have used and then you will have to guess as to how many of the minutes she has used are peak. Sprint is working on an accurate breakdown. Its a pain.

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