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    Sorry only available in german....

    Acidham wrote:

    Seit Anfang des Jahres besitze ich einen Treo.
    Durch verschiedenste Probleme bin ich gelaufen und
    babe mittlerweile den 6-ten Treo.
    Unter anderem Fehler wie:
    Klappe wackelt, Mikrofon kaputt 2 x, Hotsync funtionierte nicht,
    OS crash nach GPRS Update
    Bezugnehmend auf die Website:
    sehe ich dass es noch viele andere Leute gibt die auch solche Probleme
    Wie sehen sie das Problem ???
    Haben sie wirklich
    Qualitätsmängel an den Geräten ... für den Preis???

    answer from Handspring:

    vielen Dank fuer Ihre e-Mail.

    Leider gibt es bei allen neuen Geraeten noch "Kinderkrankheiten". darum
    tauschen wir ja usch grosszuegig aus wenn es Probleme gibt. Dies laesst
    sich leider nicht ganz vermeiden und es tut uns Leid das Sie anscheinend
    besonders viel Pech mit Ihrem Treo haben. Aber wir arbeiten daran...

    Sollten Sie noch weitere Fragen haben, zoegern Sie bitte nicht, Sich
    wieder an uns zu wenden.
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    No me speak the German-o. You translate por favor? What ees zees post about? I'm insanely curious.
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    Try the Babel Fish translation at:

    I found it pretty amusing... but it does give at least a rough idea what the message is about.

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    Since beginning of the yearly I possess a Treo. By most diverse problems I ran and babe meanwhile the 6-ten Treo. Among other things errors how: Flap wackelt, microphone broken 2 x, Hotsync did not funtionierte, OS crash after GPRS update referring to the Website: see that it still many other people give also the such problems to have. How do they see the problem??? Do they have really quality faults at the devices... for the price??? to who from handjump: thank you for your E-Mail. Unfortunately there are teething troubles "with all new devices still". therefore we exchange usch generously out if it problems give. This can be avoided unfortunately not completely and it does to us wrong you apparent particularly to much pitch with your Treo to have. But we work on it... If you should have still further questions, do not hesitate please to contact again us.

    Ha ha. Handjump.

    I have no idea what is being said. Teething troubles? Should I feed my Treo some zwieback?
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    Acidham wrote this email:
    Since beginning of this year I'm the owner of a Treo. I ran during several problem and at least
    I'm the owner of the 6th Treo.
    The errors of this device during this time:
    lid is struggling around, microphone broken two times, Hotsync doesn't work, os crashing after the gprs update.
    In relation of the dissussion board: I see several other
    peoples who have this problems too.
    How do you cover this problems?
    Do you have real quality problems ... for this price?

    Answer from handspring:
    Sorry, but on all new devices you will find several problems (German Kinderkrankheiten don't know how to
    translate this its "illness of children"???). Because of this we broadmindedly change the devices if you
    get an error. This you can't avoid and it does to us sorrow you apparent particularly a lot of bad luck with your Treo have.
    But we still working hard on this....

    If you should still have other questions, please not, hesitate to address again to us.

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