The charger is great, and well worth the $40 from Amazon.

To answer the question "WHY"---

#1- Great viewing angle so you can dink with your TREO @ your desk. Great for when a meeting appointment pops up or caller ID comes in on a call...instead of fumbling with something that is flat on a desk, you can take your stylus and do something directly. The rubber "feet" on the bottom of the cradle hold it in place very well.

#2- This was mentioned before, but it makes a great presentation on my desk. All of the wires are now at the back and cleaned up, rather than dangling around my chair and pulling the TREO around every time I switch positions.

#3- You can find a hack that works to keep the TREO's backlight and power on while it is in the cradle. I have Silverscreen setup with a scrolling marquee of my TO DO list, and it keeps it updated.

#4- You can also download cool apps like clocks and other screensavers that will keep the TREO doing something useful, like being the world's most expensive electronic desk clock!

My $.02, if worth THAT much.