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    anyone noticed anything new on handspring's accessories page for treo 90?
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    I looked on the website and I didn't see anything new. What did you see. I am interested in new "goodies" for my Treo 90. I love it.
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    I went back and looked and saw the new camera. It didn't give very many specifics as to the pixels, etc. Do any of you have any additional information on it???

    I may buy an "early" Christmas present for myself.
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    If you checked out our Comdex videos you will find that we did a video of it there. It's a pretty nifty device!
    -Michael Ducker
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    Wow, that's totally badass!

    (Mwa ha ha haaah. It appears that the word "badass" sneaks past this site's censorware. Bad ***! Oops.)
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    I did some snooping on Veo's website.
    • 640x480
    • 24-bit color
    • self timer
    • Transfers to JPEG on desktop
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    Are you asking me to add badass to our list of blocked words? I can...
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    Originally posted by miradu
    Are you asking me to add badass to our list of blocked words? I can...
    Nope, I think "badass" is a perfectly acceptable word. I've heard it used on television, so how horrible can it be? I was just relishing the bit of freedom that's not afforded on other sites where, for example, you can't post about Super Bowl XXXVI because there's a "XXX" in the string.

    No offense intended.
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    Camera- Does his work with a Treo 300?
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    No, it requires an SDIO slot to work. All recent Palm devices do this, alogn with the Treo 90. I'm hoping that the next generation treos will have SDIO to...
    -Michael Ducker
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    If anyone has purchased one yet, be sure to post a few pictures. I have the original Eyemodule and I have always been disappointed with the picture quality.

    This looks like a neat device. I can imagine using it for my business quite a bit.
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    I'd be interested in seeing some pictures with low-lighting (indoors) as it does not have a flash.
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    So far, PC Mall. Here's the link:

    Nope. Better here, even with shipping.

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    I just got mine in from UPS today.

    So far no luck. The installation program doesn't even recognize my Treo 90 running PalmOS 4.1H3.

    Ive submitted a trouble ticket in to Veo.

    We'll see what happens.
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    Highly detailed, hands-on review, with screen shots, at

    (the iSilox and BluePaste friendly page)
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    I don't have a link, but reviewed the Veo using the Treo 90. You have made sure you have the SDIO update on your Treo?
    -Michael Ducker
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    Yup. Im running PalmOS 4.1H3 as required.

    But during the install process the Veo software doesn't recognize my Treo 90 as a valid Palm device.,
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    Any word on whether or not you got this to work on your Treo? And if you did - any special tips?

    My camera is on the way as I type.
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    any word yet?
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    I'm doing some research on SDIO for and article and Veo graciously lent me a PhotoTraveler. I'm using windows98 on an old serial PC and got it to work with no problem. The Installer pops the software into the Palm install app and connects it on a hotsync.

    The photo quality is on the better end of Palm cameras. It has manual focus that really can go down to an inch.

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