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    For the last few days I've had drop data signals out of nowhere. For instance I'd be reading something on a site and when I'm done and want to change the page it asked to be connected. What the frig' is going on here?
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    Yep, it's been happening to me in NC as well. Not very frequently, but I can remember 2-3 times in the past week, week and a half.

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    Anybody else have this problem? I've called Sprint and they couldn't determine what it is. It's not a constant problem but an inconvinent one.
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    Well - woulnja know it - I was getting ready to fire up a new thread on this very topic, and here's one already going. Seems like my experience has been happening for about the past week or so. Same thing as the other posters - unbeknownst to me, my 'always-on' data connection is know more like always off-and-on. I'm in the Dallas area, and this is most definitely a new thing going on.
    My guess is that Sprint has decided to implement a time-out function, where after X time with no data being explicitly transmitted, they drop the connection.
    I hope it gets back to the way it was, and soon!

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