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    How does one access sites requiring javascript? Is there a way to view streaming video with a Treo 300?
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    i believe that the only palm os browser that handles basic javascript is Xiino:

    supported javascript objects/event handlers/etc. are listed here:

    as for streaming media, i haven't heard of any palm os clients for real, quicktime, or windows media... remember, it only has a 33mhz processor! (and streaming video typically takes a fair amount of cpu power to decompress and render the frames)
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    I wouldn't expect much streaming media on Palm OS 3.x. I think there was a program for the Prism that I had and it worked a little choppy, but it was very propietary format and you'll likely never your content in that.

    In the Palm OS 5 world with the new processors, well, it's a whole new ballgame. They run new StrongArm processors that can really decode video well. I have yet to see what that does to battery though, maybe they underclock it when it's not fully necessary.
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    Go to

    There is a free player that runs on the Palm OS platform. It has extremely limited content so far, but you can get some trailers to actually play on your phone. Also, it doesn't appear to stream (i.e. You have to download the content before playing) and you will have to have the Xiino browser installed.

    This is really just a curiosity at the moment. Wireless bandwidth on the "3G" network is just not sufficient for multi-media and probably won't be for several years at least. Besides that, the Treo needs a huge boost in processor power and screen res as well.

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