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    I just recieved an unrequested replacement vehicle power adapter from Sprint PCS for my Treo 300. It says that the original adapters have a malfunction that leads to either a "Fatal Alert: '.../src/palm/hwrbattery682328.c,line:3535' " OR "Fatal Error 'STACK' "

    So be wary of the original and watch for the new one Sprint PCS should be mailin' ya!
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    When did you buy your 300?
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    Around the last week in August, first week of September, I believe, from CompUSA.
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    There is a very lengthy thread on this issue.

    Search for it under "car charger" in the Treo 300 message board search feature.
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    Should I expect to receive a replacement for my charger? I bought mine on Nov 7th at Circuit City, but from what people describe, it sounds like the old charger. No crashes yet, but the same stickers etc.
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    is the replacement one an original handspring unit? i want to replace mine with it. I am tempted to go buy one, but not if one might be on the way.
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    I received mine about a month ago. I hapilly have been using it, but the quality of the cord isn't near what was shipped with my treo originally. After no more than 45 days, the "pinch-release" mechanism that allows you to detach the cord from the phone doesn't work without jiggling the cord and a bit of tugging. I'm going to be pissed if I do some damage to my phone
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    Does anybody know how to get a replacement? I heard from treo taht they were recalled and to call sprint andwhen I talk to them they tell me they have no idea what I am talking about. This is happening on both of my car chargers on the treo's i got as insurance replacements.... any ideas.. I really need them to work....
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    I swapped both of mine out at a Sprint store. I did have to call around to several Sprint stores before finding one that knew what I was talking about and had them in stock. Check with the main/larger Sprint stores in your area.

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