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    Did anyone thats using Aim (the UK verision1.1) get their buddy list to show up, or did you have to enter ALL the screen names by yourself? If you have to type them in, is there a easier way to enter all of them?
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    i installed the UK AIM client, and after logging in, was suprised to see my entire buddy list already listed! i had assumed that buddies would be stored locally on my PC, but apparently i was wrong - they must be stored on the AOL IM servers.

    when i added a name on the treo, it showed up on my PC automatically also. nice.

    (did i just praise an AOL product? *shudder*)
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    I have that problem on one of my SN's and not on the other. I think it has to do with which servers the TOC or the OSCARS that you're buddy list is saved on. The UK one appears only to be accessing one or the other.
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    the reason they do not show is because you have a really large buddy list, the same happend to me, I found out by just deleting some of your contacts you dont even speak to any more and shortening your list will work I'm not sure what the exact number is, I know i now have less than 60 people than like 190

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