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    I have a few programed phone numbers that punch in my mailboxes and passwords when I press "extra digits" so I can access my voicemails. The thing that is strange, when I'm driving and using the earbud (flip case closed), it's easy to dial my vm number through the jog wheel, but I HAVE TO open the case and touch the extra digits button on the screen to punch in the numbers. Is there any way to access this with the flip case closed?

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    Don't have an answer for your question, but a workaround woudl be to make another voicemail speed dial, with 'dial extra digits automatically' checked. That way it'll just happen, no need to trigger it by hand.
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    Where is there the option to dial extra digits automatically? Maybe it is only on the Treo 300 - I have a Treo 180.
    Darren Greenspoon
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    Must be.. it's on the same speed dial button edit page that you enter the extra digits.

    Treo posting to the 180 forum? =P

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