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    Hoy hoy,

    Others may have this problem as well. After a bit of use my Treo's screen has, for a lack of a better term, become shmered with finger prints or dust or whatever. I am quite hesitant to use any liquid to clean it. What should I use?

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    I use a product called Brillianize. It's a great cleaner polish for all plexiglass, mirrors, window tint etc... I've used it for years on all my previous visors, now on my treo and for all the window tint and plexiglass finish in my car!
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    Brillianize looks great, just no retailers in my area :\
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    I've been using
    for years. It's made for laptops, PDA etc. Works Great!
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    I've been using a damp cloth. Made for laptops, PDAs, tables, and many other things! The cost per ounce can't be beat, either.

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