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    I have a Treo 180. I'm only getting about 40 mins talk time on a charge (after 8 hrs or so on standby). This can't be right. Are others getting the claimed 2+ hrs of talk time?

    1. I think the 180 uses the same battery as a Visor Edge? Is that true?

    2. If #1 above is true I can replace the battery for $45

    3. A service call to HS will cost $20 plus I'm past 90 days so I'm pretty sure they won't cover this.

    4. I'm thinking about saving the $40 and just spending the extra $200 or so and getting a 270 off e-bay.

    Suggestions? Thoughts?
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    The battery time quoted by Handspring may technically be possible, but I don't get anywhere near that practically. But that's what we get in exchange for a featherlight pda/phone.

    You might find that you can do a 40-50 minute call before the phone complains. Then if you let the battery rest briefly, you can squeeze another short (10-20 min) call out of it. This, and the standby life, also seem to depend on siqnal quality

    The Updater 1.0 patch noticeably improves standby battery life, if you have a very early T180 model.

    I've found that the GPRS 1.1 patch (which should become official later today in the US) also seems to help battery life a bit.

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