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    Well, I just had an exciting adventure -- I had the No-Network/Can't-See-The-SIM/No-Mr-Flip problem. I tried to kill my battery to reset the radio as suggested in other threads, but it just kept lingering on. So I decided to crack open my Treo and pull the battery cable to force the radio to reset (of course backing up first...)

    A couple of pointers -- once the four external screws are removed, there are eight plastic tabs you need to disengage. The ones on the top and the bottom are easy, but the ones on the edge are extremely tricky. You have to press in on the bottom half of the Treo (the thicker part) and work a wide screwdriver in the seam to wedge it apart. (Make sure the screwdriver is wide, otherwise you will mar the edges of the seam.)

    There's a fifth screw on the motherboard, near the reset button. You don't need to removed this in order to open the Treo's case -- it holds the motherboard to the screen. If you take it out before opening the Treo, be careful of bits and pieces falling out ( i.e. the action buttons, the power/on-off switch casing, the metal lanyard connection, etc.) There was a ton of dust behind it so it's worth taking off -- but just wait till you've opened it. Have a can of compressed air ready. I couldn't believe the dust in the jog dial and behind the keyboard.

    There are a couple of wires that looked somewhat vulnerable. There was a red and black pair that ran near the top running from the back part of the case to the front. Make sure you draw apart the case slowly.

    There was also a ribbon cable running up to the display from the motherboard - this is frighteningly close to one of the side tabs (the upper one - I think it was on the right side). It looked like it had already been mangled a bit in assembly. Be very careful when putting the two halves back together than you don't crimp this.

    The antenna pressed against a metal contact on the motherboard, so no wires there. The vibrator/buzzer thingy worked the same way. (I took it out and reset it as it was louder than the ringer -- we'll see if that works.)

    I normally enjoy taking things apart, but this was a nerve-wracking adventure all around. I've always felt the Treo's case is on the flimsy side, and taking it apart confirmed it -- I don't think it would stand up well to repeated openings. Anyone up to fabricating a metal case? I can't say I'm going to do this again for fun any time soon.

    Treo 270 / Cingular
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    Do you have photos of your "adventure"?

    I will try to open my 180.
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    I had this problem...called fowarded to Handspring,
    and they immediately sent me an e-mail with 2 files, which fixed the problem.
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    Thanks for taking the time to post your adventures. I tried it once and checkened out when I couldn't get the side latches to open. Yea, pics would be great so people can see the insides and the side latches positions and closeups. Hope the software patch works.
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    Hi. I happen to have an extra Treo that Handspring gave me when the 270 was having its backlight probs. My current Treo's battery is not charging very well. Would it be difficult to change batteries based on your own observations?

    Thx. hjs
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    Couldn't use the two files -- they conflict with the GPRS upgrade.

    Alas, no pictures. Not the foremost thing in my mind during the operation... But I did just find some pix of the guts of a Treo 300:

    The chipsets are obviously different, though I found some of the ribbon wiring to be different.

    hjs, the battery would be quite easy to replace. It is just kind of resting there, and the wire is easy to pull out.

    Just be REALLY careful of those side tabs. The guy in the 300 forum said they were easy, but not so with me. A battery upgrade might be worth opening it again though...

    Treo 270 / Cingular
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    Couldn't use the two files -- they conflict with the GPRS upgrade
    Johnny O...

    Do they conflict with the "official" or "unofficial" upgrade?
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    From the Handspring website, it said not to install the radio reset files if the GPRS update had been applied.

    I don't think it matters if it's official or unofficial. (I'm the latter, but I've read of those who are official and still were told not to run the fix.)

    Treo 270 / Cingular
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    For those who intend to take apart your Treo 270 .. have a look at my pictures, it would help to know where the location of plastic tabs ..

    I took the pictures from several angles to give you the idea where to push and unlock the tabs
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    There actually is a new utility up on handsprings site that will drain the battery for devices that already have GPRS installed.

    That page will give you files and directions to use. Again, when you use this file it doesn't matter if u have the GPRS 1.1.1 update or not
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    Good find for future reference!

    Cuz ya never know.................
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    It seems like it is just an app that keeps the radio on and tied up so that it drains the battery doesn't appear to do to much else...the one time i tried to use it didn't work for me to well. handspring support said it would take 3 hrs to drain the battery with that on and it took over 8 for me to get it done.
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    Fortunately I've nevered had to drain the battery but another way to speed the process up is to open the memo app, tap new and in the new memo type:
    :shortcut: .3
    and this will turn the auto off timer off allowing your treo to stay on when the flip is open.
    I have this set and use it frequently while my treo is in the cradle on my desk. If you ever have to perform a soft reset you'll have to create this entry again as the memo will still be there but the feature goes away.
    T750 w/Cingular
    Black Jawbone

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