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    I am a new 180g owner. First thing I did was to install the GPRS 1.0 upgrade - works great!

    However, about every fifth incoming call generates a "fatal exception" dialog. Soft reset solves that but I miss the call of course - very annoying.

    Has any other 180 owners out there experienced this? Is there a cure? Thanks
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    I should add that my device software is 3.5.2H5.6 (9/25/02) so I have not needed to run the Treo 180 Series Updater 1.0
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    Yeah same issue here a few days ago. Are you using a ringtones software package like Ringo? I'm wondering if that is to blame.
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    its some 3rd party software leading to this problem. deinstall suspicious programs and deactivate hacks if any are on and reinstall them one by one, testing for functionality between each installation, to find the culprit. i've experienced similar problems and now after removing all extra software and hacks i got rid of the problem. i haven't been able to pinpoint the culprit program yet but there might be a couple of them that cause disturbances after the update.
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    I get a similar problem - semi-regular fatal exceptions on incoming calls, and also about every other time I switch wireless mode on. I've also got Ringo (demo version) installed at the moment. Anyone else have these problems?
    Shaun Penton
    Stockport, UK
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    I have Treo 180 and installed the GPRS patch for T-Mobile and I keep getting the same "fatal exception" error when anyone calls. (sporadically at first, but now, more frequently)

    I also have Ringo installed, so I uninstalled it and I'll let everyone know how it goes. ** crossing fingers **
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    prior to installing the GPRS update my 180 would crash and freeze on incoming calls very randomly. It happened much more often with Ringo installed so i took that off. Now have GPRS update installed and no ringo and i haven't had a crash yet!
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    Well...two days now and so far, no 'fatal reset' errors (knock on wood) after I uninstalled Ringo.

    I really didn't use the app very much, so no big loss, here. Hopefully, Ringo will put out an patch / update for the GPRS patch.

    Good luck everyone!!!
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    Here's what the good folks at said. I've done it and I haven't crashed on an incoming call since (fingers crossed)

    please try an upgrade to v.3.1 of ringo at and see if this helps.
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    Thanks for all the input guys, but I don't use Ringo.

    I tried doing a hard reset and after that everything works fine!

    Now I only need to narrow it down to the faulty application, it's likely HackMaster (I used an ancient version from 1996).
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    Earlier today, I posted a reply (to myself) on a thread I started earlier on the Treo270 forum re a crashing problem.

    My recommendation to anyone running many 3rd party apps is to install 2 programs: 'Crash' and 'TreoTools'.

    'Crash' will auto soft reset your Treo when a crash happens and 'TreoTools' will auto switch on your phone after that. You may miss a call but at least your phone will not remain in a hung status without your knowledge.

    Also Crashlog that comes with 'Crash' will give you an idea of what application was running when the crash occured. So you can troubleshoot.

    Hope that helps.

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    Oh, and I forgot to mention that Ringo was the cause of my occasional crash, according to Crashlog. I don't mind it too much though coz it seldom happens.

    I have been using Ringo 2.x. Gave up on Ringo 3.1e coz the damn thing doesn't work properly (as discussed in a different thread)! The developer is not very responsive to fixing problems.
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    TC Ringer, it works and your supporting this site!

    "it's not the quantity, but the quality"

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    Yep. I have had the same exact problem on my 180g since putting GPRS on last week. AND I have Ringo.

    Will try the update and let you know what happens.
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    This happend to me and it would also crash on incoming sms.

    Ive now removed ICQ and havent had the problem again.
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    I'm having similar issues. If I'm running an application & have the lid open, it's not giving me a fatal exception message, but freezing and I have to reset the unit.

    The one common note here is I have the demo version of Ringo on it too. Hmmmmm.........
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    I don't use Ringo, and I have a similar problem. I will frequently leave my 180g on my desk with the lid open, and I only get the freeze-up when I get a call while the lid is open.

    I always considered it an annoyance more than anything else. If it was an important call, they'd call back. But if I could figure out a way to fix it, that'd be great.

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