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    Amazing! Three months after I purchased my Treo I finally sent an email from it today.

    I learned on this board that the key trick is to use a separate email password -- using the normal pcsvision password won't work for outgoing email.

    The next trick I had to master was to actually find the screen where I could create my email password. Here is what worked for me:

    1. Browse to

    2. Sign in on the right side under Access PCS Vision Applications using your pcs vision user name (mine is mfrank01) and your pcs vision password.

    3. In the My Planner section, look for a link under the words PCS Mail. It should say 0 new messages or possibly 1 new messages (Sprint sends you a welcome message. How nice of them!).

    4. Click the Settings and Preferences link above your Inbox. Click this one, not the one you can find using My profile.

    5. Click the Setup tab, the fifth one along that line of tabs.

    6. Here it is! Enter and confirm your password. You can set other items on this page.

    7. It's not over yet! Scroll down and click the Done button on the bottom right corner of the page.

    I don't know how soon this password becomes active. I waited over night.

    I then installed Eudora Mail for Palm. After Hotsyncing, go into Eurdora, choose Options, and then Create a new account.

    Enter for the receive server and for the send server. Check the box to allow it to save your password.

    Create a new outgoing message. Do Send & Receive. When asked if it is ok to give your pop username and password to the smtp server, say Yes, sure, please do that, it's Ok with me.

    This worked for me. Whew! Only three months to figure this out.

    Thanks to many other people who posted helpful info that steered me into this path.

    Sprint is hopeless, but I love the Treo.
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    I spent 6 hours yesterday navigating the different sprint accounts (vision, main, email preferences), and calling Sprint. Finally I got it right. I the best part is that in the process they spelled my name wrong (bmcfarland), so I had to change everything in my account. Now I happen to have bmacfarland as my name instead of bmcfarland04 as my name, which is a lot better of an e-mail address.

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