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    I'm looking for an app that I don't seem to find.
    This is what I need:

    I have a team of 20 trainers who travel the world to perform 2 to 6 days training in different locations.
    I'm looking for an app that would tell me (agenda view) who is blocked where, doing what.
    Of course, I need to modify / edit / add an information at any time.

    Any idea where I can find such an app?

    Thanks for your help!
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    Take a look at
    My life is in my Treo... Where is yours?
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    Thank you!

    But what I'm looking for is a much simpler app:
    On a calendar form, I only need to get the names of the team members on the Z axis and their assignment would run over the days of the month.
    Some information should be able to be entered on block days (meeting-like).

    Thatís it!

    If it doesnít exist yet, anyone interested in developing this app?
    Iím sure Iím not the only one in the world who would need such an app!

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