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    Just got my latest bill from Sprint PCS after changing plans once they started offering Unlimited Vision and new pricing plans. I was charged a $150 Cancelation Fee. I called Sprint and they said it was a mistake. They removed the fee and adjusted all related taxes.
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    same here - no problem getting it corrected though (other than the call to ask)
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    I checked my bill this morning and I had a -159.00. I do not know how this ocurred but I'm not complaining. I assume it is fo the 700 curtesy minuted they gave me for charging for vision.....
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    I too had the $150 billing problem. They straightened it out quickly once I emailed them.
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    i got the same $150 charge. I called and they corrected it, but boy oh boy, those guys at Sprint sure arent the brightest bulbs in the wireless socket. I havent recieved a bill for the correct amount yet. Good going Sprint, so far 2 for 2.

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