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    I am new to the whole PDA thing and have looked for some games and other programs to put on my new toy and have found somthings but all want money in exchange.

    Does anyone make and offer programs just for the hell of it and to improve the Treo community?

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    sure there are lots of shareware and freeware programs to choose from. There are a bunch of different sites. is one of them. do a search for them on
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    my favorite is phoinix

    It's a gameboy emulator for your Palm
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    Here is another site

    another that I use alot is

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    I personally like C-Net cause you can choose "freeware" from the drop down menu. Makes it easier then scavenging.
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    Hey I'm getting a Treo next week, other than Treo300SMS, what are some "must have" programs that everyone is using? I looked at snappermail's site, and I think I'll replace the Eudora client with that, but is there anything else I might need?
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    Checkout this thread at, for a pretty comprehensive list of websites to find Palm software.
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    This is an excellent site:
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    There are a number of trial versions that will allow you to try a number of apps that will help you get the most out of you TREO. Here's a link to a some great TREO apps Great Treo Software
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    Here's the stuff I consider essential, or good basic tools. Some are still in trial period and I may not keep, but so far they're working out.

    The stuff useful to most people:
    BigClock (simple alarms, my wakeup alarm)
    Cell Plan (track usage)
    WModem (use my treo as a modem for my laptop)
    X-Master (use hacks)
    Eudora (email)
    AIM/ICQ/Y!/MSN (options for if I need to reach someone)
    EudoraWeb (text-optimized, proxyless browser)
    Xiino (browser than handles some javascript)
    Web clippings
    Atomica PQA (fast intelligent information lookup)
    Dir Assist PQA (white pages, directions)
    Mapquest PQA
    Weather PQA
    FileZ (view all your files, helps recover from reset loops)
    SyncAll (backup all files)
    TreoAlertMgr (repeatedly alert for SMS and VMs, so I notice them)
    TreoTools (turn on data connection with wireless modem)
    RecoEcho+ (graffiti!)
    Treo300SMS (receive and send SMS messages)
    TreoPictureCallerID (custom pictures for incoming calls)
    AutoShiftHack (stops auto-captalization, handy for Eudora)
    CorrectHack (automatically replace certain strings with other strings)
    Crash and CrashLog (log my crash messages, auto-reset after crash)
    MarknDial (dial any number in a document)
    PopHack (popup list of things to put in text fields)
    Switcheroo (key shortcuts to any app)
    treo keyboard utils 1.31 (move cursor with keyboard, including next/prev field)

    Some other stuff I find useful, but might not be to many people:
    PalmVNC (remote control GUIs)
    Mocha Telnet (ssh!)
    tg ssh (ssh!)
    upIRC (irc client)
    VT Online (general terminal/comm program)
    PaPi-Mail (only IMAP client to support subfolders, advanced imap searches)
    Ping, PalmToolBox, IP Subnet Calc, IP calc, Passgen (all useful network testing/setup tools)
    lots of games
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    Thanx to jshrieve and all the posters with the links! I had a Palm Vx two years ago as my first palm, but as it was a company item, when the company laid me off, the Vx went too. As such this will mark my return to palm computing, and I really want to hit the ground running. So I am going to try and build up a library of applications before hand, so I can just kick back an test once I get it!
    ...This ain't a phone or a PDA, It's a way of life!
    for all your multimedia needs, it's gotta be Starrwulfe Ltd!

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