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    do you have download a special client I can receive sms but there is no way to send a message
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    from the handpring support site
    How do I send SMS messages using the Treo 300?

    The SMS application in the Treo 300 was created for in-bound SMS messaging only.

    There are two useful options for sending SMS from a Treo 300:

    Purchase the application called Treo300SMS from PDAapps. Treo3000SMS enhances the built in SMS application to enable outbound SMS, addressing lookup and SMS-to-email features. There is a demo version of this application to download and try before you choose to purchase.
    Use Blazer browser to access a web portal which supports Sprint SMS messaging. For example, TxtMsg.

    Many of the pages hosted on SprintPCS website for SMS messaging contain features incompatible with the Blazer browser. It is not currently possible to send an SMS message by going to the page All of the page features appear except for the send button.

    now correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you can just send e-mail to the sms e-mail address too - so if you have e-mail set up, that's another way.
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    Hey marcmen:

    RTFM before posting, have had several questions that are clear as day in the index of the documentation.

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