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    It's by the company that does QuickOffice.

    The client on the Treo shows you two windows with files in them. The top window shows all the files you have on the Treo (i.e. "local" files). The bottom window shows you all the files you have on your Mobile Office server ("remote" files). You can click on a remote file and select "get" and Mobile Office will download the file to your Treo.

    The best part is that it is integrated with Quick Office, if the file is a Word or Excel file, the Mobile Office server will first convert the file into a format used by Quick Word or Quick Sheets before sending the file to you (in addition to giving you the ability to edit the files, this feature also saves a lot of bandwidth and Treo memory).

    I set the server to "share" my files directories, and now I can pull up hundreds of Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. (It's basically like having a very slow multi-gigabyte flash memory slot on your Palm, heh.)

    Note that you need to have control of the network with your PC on it (i.e., so you can forward the proper port) in order to make this work.
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    I tried MobileFile, but found that attempting to access some of my directories caused my desktop computer to reboot. I e-mailed CES about this problem, but they never responded. Has anyone else had such a problem with this program during the trial period?


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