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    It's getting very annoying having to enter in usernames and passwords everytime I visit a site in Blazer.

    Are there any browsers that will save your username/passwords?
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    You shouldn't have to do that. Make sure that you have enabled cookies under the Blazer advanced prefs menu.
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    Cookies were enabled, and I tried clearing them. Still doesn't save username/passwords. Specifically my Yahoo ID so I don't have to enter it in evertime I want to check local weather or movies from the main mobile Yahoo site.
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    I am tired of having to enter my user I'd and password over and over in Yahoo too. I do not think that is a Blazer issue, tho. I have that same problem in IE. I think that is just a Yahoo issue. Does anybody know why?
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    You may wanna try Pop!
    I use it to store all of my passwords and log-in names. You just double tap the screen and a list of all your passwords pops up. Much easier than remembering them and typing them all the time.
    If you just use it for one list of passwords, etc. I don't think you even need to upgrade to the registered version.
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    I'm annoyed too by having to type user/password on and on for yahoo mobile. Doesn't seem to be a Blazer issue as I could visit different yahoo pages without having to relogin for a short time, even after I exit Blazer and come back in. It only asks me to relogin after a while. Seems to be a yahoo issue.
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    I have to retype to log into hotmail too
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    for yahoo specifically, they have this thing that they feel they are protecting your security by deliberately asking once in a while for your password. i guess the idea is that on your office computer or home, you could leave yourself signed in all the time and somebody could come along and write nasty things on your calendar...

    as you all indicated, its not a blazer or ie issue. i use auction tamer, a neat tabbed browser specifically designed for ebay and other auction sites. since they also handle yahoo auctions, they handle automatically filling in my password whenever that annoying yahoo box comes up, so i just have to click on the 'sign-in' button.

    by the way, for anybody who bids on and/or follows a lot of auctions, auction tamer rocks. been using it a couple of years now. the tabbed browser is totally addictive. took netscape until their latest version to add it, and its still not nearly as intuitive as tamer...
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    I looked at the code of page and then created an html page (my treo's homepage) that I put up on my server with the following code added for Yahoo Mail:

    <FORM METHOD="post" ACTION="">
    Password:<BR> <INPUT NAME="passwd" TYPE="password" SIZE="18"><BR><BR>
    <INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Yahoo Mail Login"/>
    <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="pdadid" VALUE="%deviceid">
    <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="login" VALUE="markdinh">

    << Make sure you change 'markdinh' to your own login >>

    Now, all I have to do is type in my password (I don't have to type in my login). If you really don't care about security (I don't recommend this), you could remove the "Password:" line and then add a:

    <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="passwd" VALUE="yourpassword">

    I wish you could cache pages or save them on the blazer because then I could store my homepage on my treo instead of on my server. (Can this be done???)

    Anyhow, this doesn't solve the auto login via cookies Yahoo problem, but it's my workaround.
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    i use the yahoo wap site

    and as long as i don't 'refresh' from the menu, i don't have to enter my password again even after going to a number of other sites. i assume that's because its loading a signed in page from the cache. maybe you have your cache set really small? or maybe you are using the site. someone had posted the wap site a while back on this board and i like it better.
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    You don't have to enter in your username/password again even after disconnecting from Vision and then trying to access your mail again?
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    no, today i pulled it up for the first time since yesterday and it went right in. the phone had been off all night.

    that said, as per my post above, yahoo tends to ask once in a while for your login info anyway, but don't know how often or if that is true for the wap, since it is possible that the password info is stored in your blazer cache. not sure.
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