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    Now that I've got my new Treo 300 just a humming, I'd like to see if I can't access newsgroups on it. Is there any nntp clients besides Yanoff? I tried Yanoff and wasn't impressed. In lieu of a client, are there any Treo friendly newsgroup websites around? I've tried both Newsguy and Google News. Newsguy is okay, but sure would like one with less buttons, etc.
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    I'm also interested in this. I can't get Yanoff to work...any ideas there? A PDA-friendly website would be fine as well.
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    I just got Google newsgroups to work on my Treo. I bookmarked a modified version that my laptop uses. Here is an example:

    Merely replace "sci.geo.satellite-nav" with the proper name of the newsgroup you want to use.

    Works pretty straight forward for me. Hope it works for you.
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    Seems ok to me. It's geared toward offline reading, so you sync some messages, and then read/reply and then sync again. There are no fancy features like threading, but it does seem adequate for a low volume group.

    Also worth noting, it includes a pop3 client that supports smtp auth.


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